Saturday, June 10, 2006

I don't like colds :(

Not much more to add to that!! I've been tired all day and its a day that has dragged. At 10am I said "I can't believe its only 3 hours since the girls woke up"... half hour later I said "I can't believe its only half an hour since I said I can't believe its only 3 hours since the girls got up"... hopefully you know that type of day, well not to well I hope!!
I didn't get any scrapping done last night, felt BLERK and the sewing machine decided to chew the cotton again so I didn't get anything done on that layout. Is fraustrating, as I have in my head how it the layouts will look, having things not work so I can't get it out of my head! Oh well I now have another layout started and have 2 tins waiting to scrap so I have plenty to do!
Dave put up my pin board today. I attatched a white board bit, pulled apart a broken one, and am happy to have it all together. One of the tins I have there to scrap is for the drawing pins.
The girls and I watched Babe 2 while Dave was soccering (1-1 was the score) and I am off soon to soak in the bath before watching The Bill and going to bed.
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  1. Lorraine9:11 PM

    hope you are feeling better after the bath and that tomorrow you are 100% again

  2. I'm sorry....Not....It wasnt me who gave it to you I promise!!!! :(


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