Monday, June 12, 2006

Sick kids, soccer and silence

We went to Mum and Dads for lunch yesterday and the girls stayed there for the night. From there we went to check out the new Big W and shopping complex at Kingston. Cripes it's wizz bang! Got Megan some track daks and a pair of Jeans, from Big W. Then we came home, had a coffee and a nuggle on the couch. We then went off to find something for tea. Ended up at Vanidols. Was quite yummy, even with my cold. We had a entree platter to start and then we had entree size mains, Dave had Teriyaki chicken while I had quail and then we had a gelati as we walked, shivering, back to the car. Was very cold yeterday/last night, with snow on the mountain.
Got home and while Dave was talking to his Mum, Dad rang and left a message. Poor Megan had been sick :( So I rang and talked to her for a little while. We were in bed before 9.30 but I was awake again before midnight, so I coaxed Dave out of bed and we sat on the couch, under the doona and watched the World Cup. I think Dave was pleased to see the soccer and seeing Holland win :) We will see if we make it to tonights game Australia v Japan!!
Today we went and got the girls, via Allison's so I could return the textas I had borrowed (THANKS AGAIN ALLISON!), and bought Maccas, on the way home, for lunch, Megan spent most of the day in bed, nuggled in a chair or complaining about not feeling well. She didn't eat her lunch, just to show she isn't well!! The rest of the day was filled with general mucking about, Lucy playing with her blocks and truck and Daddy having a pillow fight with Jessica and Elizabeth.
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  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    thank you for keeping your tea down!


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