Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's all a matter of opinion...

The puppet show today was ummmm entertaining for the kids but made me think I could have done it soooo much better! The guy relied on music videos, projected onto the wall, dubbed music, old puppets and his poor puppet voices. He kept calling his Bert puppet Ernie (and gave him the voice of Ernie). Yeah I know that the girls loved it but it was disappointing, I was looking forward to a 'real' puppet show! Anyway :) Allison didn't end up coming today, so I bared it all on my own lol!
Both Dave and Megan were at the Drs today. Dave has a lump on the back of his neck, its been there awhile and he finally got it checked out. Is just a cyst, thankfully, and to be left. I made an appointment for Megan today too. She was awake thru the night a few times, complaining of belly aches, so I just wanted it checked. Dr said she just has a gastro bug, so it was an all clear from there too. Megan ate most of her tea tonight, first time since Saturday, so hoping she sleeps thru tonight. All the girls were awake last night at some stage, so it was a long night and tiring after the late night the night before!!
Dave's in Launceston tomorrow night, is leaving for Smithton tomorrow before 7am. Friday we are heading down to Kingston to see Pip, the girls old day carer, and then to Allisons. Hoping both tomorrow and Friday go quickly :)
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