Thursday, June 29, 2006

More letters to his name!

Yay to Dave, he is now a Chartered Member of Engineers. Well done Dave :) Now to complete his Masters thru the Uni in Brisbane... slow going that one!
This morning Elizabeth, Lucy and I stayed to help out in Megan's class. I think they enjoyed it :)
On Wednesday I have to go to Howrah Primary. Our school is starting a Literacy Tutor Program and I have put my name down to help out. So we have a training session on Wednesday. Elizabeth and Lucy get to come to that too. Won't be back to get Jessica but the teacher heading up the team organised for Jessica to go into Megan's class after Kinder. So I am sure Jessica will love that!! Bet she even asks to stay more often!!
Not much else to report... Mum and Dad will be having their first night on the mainland... not sure where, up near the NSW border I would think. They are heading to Mum's brother's place, they moved earlier this year, I can't think what the place is called, but she hadn't rang them so who knows what will happen!!
Well Dave's at soccer training and I am planning on scrapping a tall tin to put my pens and pencils in. Hoping it inspires me to do a layout... have many in my head waiting to be regurgitated on to paper ;)
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  1. proud mum10:09 AM

    Mr. Kruijver B. Eng. CPEng!!!
    Hope you enjoy the tutoring Sharmaine


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