Saturday, July 01, 2006

Friday and Saturday update

Yesterday Jessica, Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to MOPS. Lucy didn't stay in with the other 2, she has started the sook-if-left stage, but she was a wonderful little girl :) We made flower presses, got to use a drill!!, and Jessica and I have pressed the flower from her Mother's day pressy. She doesn't quite understand the 'have to wait' concept though!
While I was there Allison SMS'd to ask if I wanted to scrap at her place that night. I did, well I didn't scrap I nattered :) I'm still lacking the ability, no not really just can't think of how else to word it... I have the inspiration, I have the will power but I just can't get it out of my head into a layout... It gets stuck in their somewhere so I just end up looking at the same thing for hours! Anyway I enjoyed just waffling :) Thanks again Allison.
Today we ventured to the supermarket, bought some yummy bits for a celebratory tea (lots of nibbly bits and salad) was to say yay to Dave for this weeks achievements, and then Dave had soccer after lunch. They didn't win and I didn't like to ask the score! Is a team that is almost always in the bottom half of the ladder and last week they thrashed one of the top teams, something like 6-2, so I didn't want to bruise the ego anymore than it already was ;)
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  1. Hey Kruijvers! It's been a while! A HUGE congratulations to Dave on his achievements! Sorry to hear, Sharmaine, that you're in a scrappers "slump"! Hope you get a boot up the bum to get out of it soon and create some more of those lovely layouts, my fave at the moment is of Lucy and the strawberry jam! Very flower power funky! Hope to see you soon - lunch/dinner? Our place? Love you all! The Moore's xoxo


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