Sunday, July 30, 2006


Yay your 29!! Congratters and thanks for the wonderful party day yesterday!! There was Allison, her Mum, Josiane, Mel Goodsell and myself. All having a blast at Allison's scrapping away and just mucking about, yacking, eating, giggling, being silly... If you go to Allison's blog you can check out some of the photos, antics and Yummm birthday cake!
I completed one layout, Mel and I tried to see who would be finished first... she won, but hers was a smaller layout than mine sooooooo maybe it was a tie lol. I also came home with another layout started so hoping to do a little more on that tonight.
Yesterday I also had my haircut, not sure if I totally like it but anything was better than the locks I had and I no longer have knots to brush out in the morning.
Dave and the girls survived without me (BOO HOO!!) and I have heard many stories of games of hungry hippos and the chocolate self-saucing pudding he made for pudding.
Today we went and bought and new video player as ours has been broken for quite a few weeks. Got to talk to Karina today too, was really good to catch up with her goings ons and to hear that they have settled into HER new home too! Well done Karina and hope the boys are all cold-free soon! Looking forward to catching up with them soon :)
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  1. Anonymous7:33 PM

    I love the haircut!!!
    looks great!!!


  2. Cool haircut!!!

    No no no no nooooo I won fair and la la la la laaaaaaAAAA (fingers in ears not listening to you)


  3. and least that is my theory!!

  4. Thanks Allison... I will pay ya later lol

  5. I'll take it all in 100's thanks ;)

  6. and thousands I hope lol


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