Friday, August 04, 2006

I broke my own record!!

I completed a layout lastnight in under 2 hours!! Super dooper quick for me and the layout is one that I wouldn't normally do so I'm happy!!
Its of Jessica, she was doing her jigsaw puzzle on the loungeroom floor. We weren't paying much attention until we looked and saw how she had placed all the pieces in a circle around herself, A PERFECT CIRCLE!!!! We asked her why, her reply was simple, so she could see all the pieces... She has a way of doing things that just stumps us :)
Today we went to visit Allison for the day, thanks again Allison!!! The girls enjoyed playing with the kids Allison had in care and it was lovely to have such a glorious day to have some time outside in!! Elizabeth said the clouds were asleep today and she wasn't much wrong!! It was a lovely sunshiny day!
Megan went to a friends after school so we weren't home long before I had to go out and pick Megan up.
Hoping they let us sleep in just a little tomorrow, its going to be a full and busy day!!!
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  1. STUNNING layout Sharmaine!!! love the bright happy colours you have used :0)


  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I love it!!! looks fantastic, keep up the great work.

    Little Miss Scary



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