Thursday, August 03, 2006

Almost Friday

Another busy day, as planned!! Grocery shopping with my wonderful helper Elizabeth and supervisor Lucy. Home to reward them with morning tea while I unpack/pack the groceries and with a little time to spare before picking up Princess Jessica from Kindy. She loves shopping day as it means chicken for sandwiches and she LOOOOVES chicken!!
My Scrapbooking Memories magazine was in the mail today so I got to start reading that while Jessica and Elizabeth watch Aladdin on telly. Back to school for Megan and then home to empty rubbish bins, refill the dishwasher and then start tea before Dave headed off to soccer training. I rang him just a little while ago (I am ordering some scrap things and wanted to make sure I could) and he said that he was the only one at training so far!! I might get my tea early tonight.. not banking on it though!!!
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get ready in time to take the girls down to see Allison... will see how things go in the morning!!! Still have those presents to buy, that will be a Saturday morning job I think!!
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1 comment:

  1. Although busy it seems you had a good day...that is fantastic!!!
    Hope tomorrow is just as good ;) hee hee


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