Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Read with 2 kids at school (another new one) before coming home so Elizabeth and Lucy could scoff down some morning tea and then jump back in the van. This morning was the first 'Rock and Rhyme' held at our Library. Its a 20min session for baby/toddlers with singing etc. Both Elilzabeth and Lucy enjoyed it. So then we came home for a little bit before getting Jessica from school.
Tomorrow I have to do the grocery shopping so that will take up the morning, sadly!!
Have to buy 3 birthday presents too. Shane and Anna's Nicola is 3 on the weekend, her party is Saturday morning, Megan is off to a party Saturday arvo, a boy in her class, and Loretta's Makayla is turning 1 next week so will have to get my socks on and post something up.
It was also Joey's birthday yesterday, happy birthday to him and my youngest brother Niall's birthday next week... what a busy start to the month!!!
Bron is also off to Fiji this month, mission trip for her Bible college course. Mum and Dad rang in last night too. They were up with Niall and Fiona in Darwin. Dad's sister, Aunty Isabel, flys in Sunday morning and then her and Dad are going to see Dad's brother, on Bathurst Island, for a couple of days.
Dave has all his letter set to apply for another job at work, he didnt' get an interview for the manage job and he wasn't surprised. So all in all I think I will have a nap now to get me thru the busy month!!!
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  1. I am worn out just reading what you have been up to....phew. hope tomorrow is not as busy.
    Happy grocery shopping hee hee


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