Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tired old Wednesday

Elizabeth was awake on and off thru the night and I woke early so I started the day feeling a little flat. Yesterday Jessica had had a bleeding nose and had another this morning and Elizabeth had also woken up with blood all over her pillow. Lovely part of the cold/flu they have :( Lucy has spent most of the day feeling sooky and grazed her nose at school, while waiting for Jessica, so its been a lovely nose bleeding type of day!!
Apart from that, I finished my layout of Lucy last night and am really pleased with it. It took awhile to come together but it's done now :)

I sent a photo of it to Allison, via my mobile and the photo was a shocker! For some reason it didn't want to take normal photos so it ended up psychadelic!!!

I think I freaked her with the photo, or made her sick from all those bright colours!!!!

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1 comment:

  1. Ok Ok so I was a little freaked at first then I realised there was something wrong with the piccy lol...Nice to see it on here though...It looks fantastic!!!


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