Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Dad's Day!

We were woken at 6am but I enticed the girls back to bed saying that it would be nice to let Daddy sleep a little longer... we got another 45 minutes or so :) Dave was given a painting of a spider from Jessica, a dyed portrait painting and a card from Megan, a mug with 'MINE' painted on it (I made that at MOPS) and , what the girls were most excited about, Singstar Rock pack and Singstar Pop for the PS2. So we have spent some of today playing, and laughing, through that!!

Some photos of my singing Divas!
So this week is a little quieter and slower than last week, but with school holidays starting on Friday its a busy time at school. Megan's class, as well as some other grades, are going in the interschool primary Dance event. She is performing on Tuesday and then at school on Thursday. Her and Jessica have free dress day on Wednesday and a money line to raise money to give to Megan's teacher. She is heading to Tajikistan for 6 weeks (I think). For those that don't know Tajikistan is a country north of Afganistan and she is going over to teach at a school. The money will go towards books, pencils and paper as they don't have any of these everyday materials. Megan and Jessica both came home last week telling us all about it but couldn't remember the name of the country lol. There is also am afternoon tea for parents at school tomorrow. Hopefully they will be telling us who the new Principal will be and what new changes will be happening for the school!
Dave's Mum travels to Launceston on Wednesday, to catch up with her parents, so we are going up Sunday and bringing her back Monday (the girls don't know yet!). Looking forward to seeing Grandma and having her stay with us before flying out Wednesday next week. Dave has also taken that whole week off so the girls will have him home for the first week of school holidays. Jeepers did I say it was going to be a slower week, doesn't sound like it lol
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  1. Grandma8:10 PM

    Can't wait to see you all again, hooray

  2. Sounds like Daddy dave had a good lot of pressies there......can't wait to have a turn myself hee hee!!!

  3. Anonymous12:46 PM

    ta very much...

  4. Just book us in for a visit Allison and you can be a singing diva too!!!


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