Saturday, September 02, 2006

What can $100 buy??

Well!!!!! We were going to have a home day today, but then decided, seeing as Elizabeth needed new sneakers, that we would go to Target. From there we came home and then this afternoon Jessica and I went to KMart. We did get some shoes at Target but for some reason the lady hadn't scanned them nor put them in our bag so we came home without them, hence the second shopping trip. So what can $100 buy?? In total thats about how much we spent today and it was a lot, Target had a lot of clearance things and for whatever reason those prices were further reduced!! A pair of jeans, a shirt and a cardigan for me, 3 t-shirts for Megan, a jumper for Jessica, a jumper for Lucy (only cost $1 something!!!!), a pair of shoes for Elizabeth, a wallet each for Megan and Jessica, 3 pairs of socks for me, a bag of blackcurrant licorice for Dave and a scrapping magazine for me! Phew!! So yes the cheapest thing was Lucy's $1 something jumper and the most expensive was my shirt which was $25 from Rockmans. Got to love it when stores have sales!!
Also yesterday Allison and Dale had news that Dale's test results came back all clear so that is fantastic news!!!
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  1. Sounds like a fruitful day of shopping....fantastic!!! Hope tomorrow is even better!!

  2. Anonymous12:47 PM

    you never said anything about socks!!! who said you could buy socks!!!

  3. my wallet with your money in it, dearest


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