Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another layout and thank goodness for delivery men!

Completed this layout last night

Today wasn't meant to be busy but it has been. Elizabeth, Lucy and I went and bought some more buttons from the craft shop and then ventured to the recycled toy shop. Shouldn't have gone in but we did and we came home with something for each of them. Megan and Jessica have a magic wand, a big clear tube, like a baton, filled with water and glitter. For Lucy I bought a tickle me Elmo (who could go past it!!).

Elizabeth wanted everything but in the end she got this 'doll house' with the people and things for a school. I knew she would love playing with it and was pleased to see I wasn't wrong :)

We have also spent some time outside, enjoying the sunshine, and riding their bikes in the courtyard part of the backyard and we also got to walk thru the reserve to school. I think the sun loved my face as I can feel where it has been, just slightly. Was warm enough for us to have an icypole when we got home from school this afternoon.
Dave rang at 5.30pm to say he was just about to leave so he won't be home till after 10pm as it's a 4.5 hour drive from there. We rang and had pizza delivered for tea. The girls loved it and I think Lucy enjoyed watching out the window for the man with tea!! I am just glad the pizza man is a good cook, that tea was scoffed down and the girls are now in bed, Megan is still reading.
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  1. Woweeee totally love that layout it is absolutly divine......can't wait to see it in real life.
    night night

  2. strange men knocking at my door with food!!! wait till I find him!


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