Monday, October 09, 2006

I is back!!!

and I just wanted to start with some thanks, I feel like I am about to launch into a speech at the Oscars after winning an award, so bear with me :)
Thank you Dave and the girls for allowing me to go away. Thank you girls for looking after Daddy and for being sooooo good for home. I love you! Thank you Dave for being such a wonderful man and giving me the opportunity to scrapbook. Thank you for loving me so much that you could let me share time with others. Thank you for being such a special Dad that you want to spend time with the girls and thank you for being a super dooper husband and looking after them too!! I love you!
Thank you Grandma, for checking up on them all and making sure Dave was coping as well as we thought he would. Your a gem :)
Thanks to Dave's mates who ate all the lollies on Friday night, while playing computer games, but didn't touch the Easter Chocolate Bunnies that Dave was meant to desperately try and get rid of before Easter comes around again! Maybe next time!
Thanks to Joisane for driving us up to Ulverstone and back, special!!
Thanks to Josiane and Allison for coming to retreat (thanks to Dave and Dale for saying yes!) you guys made the time away a little more bearable and a lot more enjoyable!!! You guys rock! hehehe Thanks for being part of the noisy table and putting up with my noise ;)
Thanks to Marg (without an e!) and Mae for being lovely room/table mates and it was lovely to meet you both!! Thank you to all the other lovely ladies that were at the retreat. It was fun to share time with you and sorry if my joyfulness upset anyone, I just like to spread it around!!
Thanks to Julie and Leanne for coming all the way to Tassie to show us new things. It was great to finally meet you both and now you know I am a nutter :) A loud one!
And finally thanks to Mel and Sarah, from Scrapilicious, for making it all possible. Thank you for all your hard work and preperation. Twas a wonderful time :)
Ok so now i have finished my thankfulness I can share the layouts I completed while away. I finished 4, have 1 started and have to finish the layout and off the page item that Julie showed us. Don't know when I will get to them but here are the ones I did finish.

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  1. ahhh lovely blog entry.....glad you are feeling so thankfull. I loved spending time with you.....hopefully will have my joy up on the blog tomorrow

  2. Anonymous8:58 PM

    And thank you Sharmaine for being loud with me and Allison, without the loudness and fun and the singing oh the singing.....
    it would have been a very boring time away.....
    i enjoyed the friendship ...
    ...happy happy joy joy :-)


  3. Ive got nothing to say...apart from, I can see I am going to have to separate you three!

  4. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Hi Sharmaine,
    It was lovley to meet you, I had a great time. Will have to come to Tassie again.
    Thanks Leanne

  5. Hee hee.....Dave you cannot seperate us....impossible haahaaahaahaaaaa (evil laugh)

  6. LOVED meeting you Sharmaine!!! and you are just how I imagined you would bubbly and happy :0)

    Thanks for making our time in Tassie THE BEST :0)

    Take care


  7. You guys!!!! Shucks :) Thanks!
    As for you Dave, I don't like to sit in the corner

  8. Hi Sharmaine
    It was great to meet you and have some friends at the retreat since I came with none! I enjoyed being on the "loud" table, it added a fun dimension to the whole weekend.
    Great to see friends doing something together and having a tremendously fun time! I am sure you were glad to be home, but the girls will probably still want some alone with dad so he can spoil them more!!
    Catch up with you all again soon!
    Mae :)

  9. Anonymous8:15 PM

    hrumph......fancy wanting to separate us.......we'll be good i promise.....hehehehehe


  10. I can't make promises that I know I will break ;)

  11. me either......hheeee haa hee (Evil laugh) we are going to cackle next time we see you Dave.....lots and lots!!!


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