Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday... WHAT HOLIDAY!!!

Today has been non stop washing, just as well it has been a gorgously sunny day that everything got dry... well sadly they got dry as it meant I had to fold it all up which added to the amount of time spent on washing, ALL DAY!!
So our holiday... Wednesday, our flight had a little turbulance so that was fun.
Thursday was spent on trains, walking or shopping. Found 3 scrap shops, none of which was rave-able but all had enough to make me purchase a few things. Went to a factory outlet and bought some Christmas pressys and made it back to the hotel in time to take off my sweaty shoes and socks before Dave returned for the day. After a shower and a change of clothes we walked some more before finding somewhere to eat.
Friday we checked out of that hotel and I left Dave at the hotel where his conference was, and went to the train station to wait for Dave's Mum to arrive. The station is now the location of a Factory Outlet too. It had only opened the day before so I spent an hour wandering around the shops before meeting Daves mum and then we both ventured around again. Bought a few bits and pieces before Dave rang to say he had a little break for Lunch and he came and met us. He left and then we went and walked to our new hotel and checked in so we could off load the shopping. Then Grandma and I went and looked at the wonderful Myer Christmas window(s). Dave rang as we were finishing so we waited for him, with our luggage, before dumping our bags and doing some more shopping and dinner. Took Lorraine back to the train and then Dave and I had a final wander thru the factory outlet.
Saturday we caught a tram to the showgrounds and hit a toy warehouse with full force and ended up filling a suitcase! From there we trammed back to leave all our purchases and then headed out to Bridge Road for some more shopping and lunch. Vegged out a little when we got back before heading out again to Southbank and Crown. Got some tea and watched a movie . We saw 'The Guardian' which was a good movie just I hid thru the water/storm bits ICK! Left Crown to find that we weren't sure where we were and after waiting at the wrong tram stop for a while we saw we were heading away from CBD so walked to the correct stop before heading home.
Sunday we packed our 3 bags, had bought one with the others packed inside, and checked out. We caught a taxi to the Factory Outlet near the airport and spent some more time browsing and shopping before catching another taxi to the airport.
So as you can see the holiday was spent mostly walking or shopping and boy oh boy am I tired!! Most days started around 8am and finishing around 10pm or so and most of that was on my feet. Missed the girls terribly and although we didn't get 100% of the time together it was nice to shop with Dave :) Spending time with his mum was priceless and I enjoyed having her as my shopping buddy (thanks Grandma!!!!!!!!!!).
Today has been flat out and I even got a much needed nap, which I am thankful for and felt so much better for, as I put all 3 girls to bed but Jessica didn't snooze. Dave is currently outside putting some Christmas lights up as he has felt a little bit of a challenge as over the road have theirs up. He and Megan are off to rehearsal tomorrow night and he purchased tickets, for their play, today at work so its all go!
Can't think of much else so hope your not asleep from reading, although if you were you wouldn't be reading this bit so I don't know why I wrote it but I have so now I will just shoosh up and say Night... Night ;0)

Oops, PS#1: Forgot to mention I found a WONDERFUL shop in Melbourne Worth a looksee!! YUMMMMMMM diddly Yummmm!
PS#2: On A Current Affair tonight they inteviewed the family and little girl with EB. So if you don't know much about Epidermolysis Bullosa then click on the link on the side of my blog. Megan was born with it but is a zillion times better than ever predicted and you would never know she might have led a life like the other kids with EB.
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  1. Grandma9:24 PM

    thanks for letting me share some of your shopping time in Melbourne it was lovely to see you both

  2. Julie LOVE2:32 PM

    Hey Sharmaine it sounds like you had a fabo BUSY time on your little holiday :0)

    Glad you got that washing all done!!



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