Monday, January 01, 2007

The start of a new year

Started a bit before 7am when the girls woke. We had a special breakfast, coco pops and crumpets for them, croissonts for me and cocopops and croissont for Dave.
The rest of the day we spent outside, doing some more srpinkler system, gardening or general mucking about. Was a cooler morning so it was lovely to be outside.
After lunch we all had naps, except Dave, and we all slept! This afternoon was more of the same, outside.
I just went through my photos to put some on to CD. Allison is hoping to have a scrap session soon so I thought I would get a little organised. Now to just put them on to CD and get them printed. I haven't scrapped in months and have millions of ideas floating around my head. I still haven't put away the things I bought while I Melbourne and all being well, tomorrow I should get in the mail the things I bought with my birthday money and a survey cheque. I am looking forward to having the time to scrap something. At the moment I feel like I just don't have time to do it as I am really enjoying spending all my time with Dave. I am sure that once I start scrapping I will get back into it and will start scrapping again at night time, but right now I just dont feel like there is enough hours in the day.
Dave heads back to work tomorrow. I think he has enjoyed his break and today he finished all the odd jobs he had given himself to do, yay Dave! I have appreciated having him home for the extra week and have enjoyed having that time with him, thanks Davie Babes, love you!
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  1. and Im quite keen on you too...but then you know that already... Now, make sure my teas ready when I get home!!!

    Ummm... Please, if thats OK, and ummm you arent too busy and ummm welll...


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