Tuesday, January 02, 2007


just had to let that out! Allison and I ordered some things online at the same time. She got her's today and I got a big fat nothing, not even mail!! It's a book I have been looking forward to buying for a long time, as well as some other bits and pieces. So roll on tomorrow and look out delivery man!!! Ok so I just looked at my order history and it is showing as being posted yesterday, I will blame the extra bits and pieces for the delay but now REALLY hoping it comes tomorrow, the shops in Launceston so it doesn't have far to go! I want to get in and orgainze all my things and am waiting for the package so I can make a start. Oh well, patience patience!!
Dave had an alright day back at work today and my day was full of filling up the girls day! We played with their moustaches, the got a pirate patch and mo each for Christmas, play dough, shops, mums and dads and even thru in some telly for good measure! Thought the day might drag but it wasn't too bad at all, except waiting for the no-show posty!! The girls all played really well together and (I THINK) had fun!

PS just have to add, to Dave. I just want you to remember that you have never gone hungry and I noticed you enjoyed your hot meal tonight, I appreciate your need for sustance and will do my utmost to make sure your never left waiting for your meal, only cos I love ya :)
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  1. now that we have the food sorted, lets discuss the washing and ironing

  2. Julie LOVE4:35 PM

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Sharmaine!!! I hope that your goodies have arrived from the scrap shop...I hate waiting too LOL



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