Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today I...

Took the girls to see 'Flushed Away' at the movies. Great movie, enjoyed it and the girls loved it. Jessica also loved the pop corn! It was the first time she has been to the movies and she didn't like sitting lol. She is funny when it comes to movies. Picks up quotes really easily, so tonight at tea her and Megan were reciting lines from the movie, wish they could do that without having to pay $9 each lol
Before we went to the movies we went and dropped off their disposable cameras for developing. So after the movie we had KFC for lunch and then picked up their photos, the afternoon was spent scrapping some of them. Some of the photos were taken today, to finish off Jessica's camera that she got Christmas 2005.
Here are Megan's layouts

And Jessica's, this was the first time she 'scrapped' scrapped, but with a little help you could see she was getting it and she did most of it all by herself.

And here is the one I did lastnight. One of the things I love about it is that the photos were taken yesterday and I scrapped it that day too. I love it when I can do that. Means I don't have to think of it for weeks, or months, before I scrap it and it is all done and gone straight away!

Picking up Lucy and Elizabeth tomorrow, leaving Megan for her 'holiday at Poppy's house' and calling in to see Allison on the way home.
Today I also received my first batch of lollies from www.sweetcollect.com for clicking on emails from time to time. Worth joining if you don't mind a few extra emails every now and then! You just have to wait till you have 25 or more lollies before they send them. Here is what we got today.
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  1. allison6:51 PM

    Wowweeeeee it is all divine. I love everyones layouts and yours is fantastic witha capital F....except Idid it ina small f. Ohh well. Ohh the lollies thing sounds cool!! yummy smarties!!

  2. Grandma9:30 AM

    What clever girls you all are!!Well done to both Megan and Jessica you have done very well.

  3. Julie LOVE6:50 PM

    LOVE all the layouts Sharmaine!! and tell the girls that they are mega talented just like their Mummy :0)

    PLUS WOW.... how cool FREE LOLLIES...gotta love that



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