Thursday, February 08, 2007

Haircuts, layouts and a word

Howdy all :)
Last night I did some scrapping. Completed this layout of Megan using a photo from her birthday.

And then this one of Dave and I. Was for Challenge number 12, set by Allison, to use both black and white and colour photos.

Today the girls had haircuts, photos below.

And that's about it from here. Dave home sometime tomorrow (YAY) so hope the day goes quickly :)
I have been meaning to write this for sometime but always remembered after I was here. I have been getting Ali Edwards newsletter for sometime and with the New Year she mentioned that each year she chooses a word, "a word that I can focus on, mediate on, and reflect upon as I go about my daily life.". She went on to challenge readers to find a word for their own year. Anyway I did and finally I have remembered to share it! My word is RELISH For me it means a condiment, something that adds flavour and spice to something ordinary but also meaning to live in the moment, capture it, taste it, RELISH IT. So that is what I am hoping to do. Enjoy my life for what it is and add a little spice to the things that might be everyday. But I also want to remember the word for those around me, to add some relish to their lives so they can relish it too! So now I pass on the challenge to you, what is your word for 2007? what is one word that you want to highlight for this year ahead??
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  1. Allison7:40 PM

    hey love the layouts and the dos....hope you get through without dave till tomorrow!!!

  2. I'll have to think of my word :O) - more scrapping, is that a word? LOL
    Wow the haircuts look so cute and how cool are you layouts Sharmaine!!
    (I still haven't done mine - but hopefully over the weekend)


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