Thursday, February 22, 2007

A layout, a conversation and some ummm fly thoughts...

Last night I did some more scrapping and completed ANOTHER layout of Megan. This time its with photos of when she was 3 1/2 and the day before she turned 8. The glasses reminded me of the older photos and I just had to scrap it!!

Today Elizabeth asked "Who made this house?"
My Reply "A Builder"
She then asked "Who made my bed?"
I was nice and didn't say no one, its not made yet! But answered "A Carpenter"
"Who made this lounge room?" She then asked
"A Builder" was my reply and then trying to change the topic I asked "Who made you?"
Her reply was thought over for a bit and then a simple "God"
Smiles are made of that!!!

Ok so to the thoughts on flies... I bet it's not something you have thought of but it is an insight into the workings of my wee mind :)
When a fly gets sucked up into a vacuum cleaner, does he think he is in Heaven or Hell???
Why do I think of flies as Male?
Other than what may or may not be obvious, how do you tell a boy fly from the girl flies??
Do you think there is anything a fly won't touch???
Do flies have hairy legs?
Just how far can a fly fly??

Well Dave just rang from Sydney airport where he now has an hour and a half to fill in before his flight home. YAY!! Will pick the girls up from school and then head on down to the airport to wait for him to arrive shortly after 4. YAY YAY YAY Love you Dave :)
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  1. Ewww gross, I'm not even going there with that fly thing, eww I don't like flies.
    The layout however is gorgeous!!! gorgeous!! gorgeous!!
    Megan looks SO grown up in that top photo,i love the felt btw :O)

  2. Hi again! Just wanted to say I love your scrapbooking pages, they are amazing! And the conversation is priceless, huh? Flies I don't know so much about...

  3. me loves you too!


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