Saturday, March 03, 2007

I love my friends!!!!!

Had a lovely time with Allison last night, yum tea and completed covering the book I wanted to give to Bron and Murray. Dave went and watched Uncle Samuel play soccer down the road, they won 1-0, and by the time he got back, around 8.30, Allison had already gone so it was a 'quick scrap' night :) Thanks for coming Allison, and yes Julie lots of talking :)
The cover proved more of a challenge than I had thought, the glue ran, so I fixed that problem only to discover that the tape holding some of the patterned paper was showing thru once the glue had dried. so a quick trip to a paper shop and a helpful idea from the lady there and I soon had it finished today in time for the party!

The Engagement party went well, at least the hour we were there did lol. Bron and Murray are off on Tuesday to Indonesia. He is going to finish off the house he had been living in so the next lot of missionaries have somewhere nicer to live and Bron is going to be teaching the Pastor's Kids. They will be away 4 months and coming back to prepare for the wedding beginning of August.

Not much else to tell other than it is sooooo hot and muggy! I had a bath while the girls had their showers and I am feeling sweaty again! But Dave did say that I would probably want another shower before bed because it is so humid.
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  1. beautiful beautiful Sharmaine!! I love what you've done - can't wait to see what you are goingto do on the inside,

  2. It turned out so well!!! I love it!! Bron looks so happy which is wonderful!!


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