Tuesday, April 17, 2007

2sday but....

Three things to share:

*1* This morning Lucy came out wearing this hat on her head, by wearing it I mean she had it perched on the top of her head. She wore it all the way to school and back home again, but on properly thanks Mummy!! Anyway it wasn't till we picked Jessica up this afternoon and she asked where the hat had gone that I realised I didn't know. After looking in the car I came in and sure enough Lucy had put it back in her drawer. She is a worry that child lol

*2* Love this blog that I found among Allison's blog links http://herspace-myspace.blogspot.com/index.html check it out! Love it!! Thanks for the link Allison ;) Inspiring!

*3* Completed this layout last night. I used some of the things I got in my pack from Altogether Scrap. Have to say the swirly circles are very cool!

Thanks for the kind words about my chips ladies, anytime you want some I'll be happy to cook them for you ;)
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  1. Love the layout and recognise heaps of the bits they look fantastic


  2. Sharmaine your layout looks great! And Lucy looks beautiful with her little hat on. There is no way either of my girls would put anything away like that though - I am jealous!!

    And I'd love some chippies right now. I'll be over soon! :-)

  3. hmmm, no mention of me...am I off the good to mention list?

  4. OK..you asked for it, I'm coming for those chippies lol.

    Gorgeous layout!!!!!

    lol..my kids do stuff like that, they have a huge panic that they've lost something, only to find that they've actually put it away. Hmmm, obviously putting things away is a foreign thing around here lol

  5. HOw cute is this layout and I've got to say that Lucy looks pretty damm cute too!


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