Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A cold, dreary day, 2 noisy girls and a cuppa

Its been dark and rainy today. Started raining about 5am, I think, but only 'really' rained around 9.30-10am. So we moved a few toys in from the sun room, which was the cold room today, and have been mucking about inside.
We just had an early lunch so Lucy could get a sleep in before we go to playgroup again this arvo. We went yesterday and they loved it! Tuesday's sessions are aimed at under 3's and today's is for the older kids to prepare them for school. Tomorrow's session will be different again but not sure how yet!
Megan went to karate yesterday and isn't sure what to make of it so has asked not to go again but will see if she changes her mind. Is only for 4 weeks, as are all the active after school programs, so she wouldn't have to do it for long... Hockey tomorrow for her and Jessica. Megan also has guides tonight, which is why I thought I would blog now. Will do another grocery shop between drop off and pick up.
Have just sat down with a cup of coffee while Elizabeth 'sits' and watches some telly. Looking out the kitchen window I can now see blue sky and the sunshine is steaming in, now if I was a cat I know where I would be wandering of to right now!!
I scrapped last night. Did a layout for will post it here on the 1st when I have updated the challenge. Looking forward to seeing people's layouts. Allison finished hers for this month's challenge and I love it! You will have to go to her blog to see for yourself :)
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful Wednesday :)
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  1. Can you send that rain over here to me please????


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