Monday, April 16, 2007

Howdee Mondee

Hmmm whats to say??? It went pretty quick for a Monday, the drag time was after school but I can handle that!!

I made homemade chips for tea and I have to say they were the best chips EVER!! Just how I like them, crunchy on the outside and soggy enough on the inside to suck their guts out! YUM

Turns out our week is getting busier as the 'Launch into Learning' starts this week. First session, like playgroup but more hands on for us parents, starts tomorrow and Megan starts her karate afterschool sport too.

Hope your Monday has been a nice one and that Tuesday is slightly better!
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  1. Howdeee to you to....hope you have a cooooollll Tuesday!

  2. I'm coming to your house for chips, that is JUST how I like them

  3. JULIE LOVE4:49 PM

    Hope you have a great week Missy and OMGosh those chips sound yummy...I am drooling LOL



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