Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another 'Jiggity Jig' type of day

Out then home again, out then home again is how our day has been!
We went to the school's Easter Assembly, Lucy and Elizabeth sat thru all of it, HOORAY that was great. Came home in time for morning tea, a play in the sunroom, some lunch then Lucy went to bed. Mum rang after that to say she was out our way about to go get a haircut, so she came after that for her lunch and a coffee. Elizabeth then woke Lucy for me, she loves that job! Then not long after Mum left and so we jumped back in the van and went to the supermarket to get all the things we didn't get yesterday. For whatever reason the milk fridges were all empty, as they were yesterday (yesterday we went to Coles and today was Woolworths). Something strange going on... all the cows have gone on strike because of the extra milk they produced for the Easter eggs???
Anyways because the girls had been soooo good we walked back to the car via Donut king and they got to have a Dinosaur donut which they shared when we got home.
Megan and Jessica had after school sport so Dave picked them up, yay.
So that is our day and my fingers hurt from the typing *g*
Waving to Max and Barb!! Thanks for dropping in, yep figured I could communicate this way so the emails have stopped in favour for broadcasting to the world!! Think of you guys often and congrats on the upcoming wedding(S) and the new in-laws to be!! YAY!!!
Well everyone thats me done like our yummy dinner! Hope your Tuesday has been kind and your Wednesday 'hump' day flies past extra quickly :)
Take care
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  1. WEll at least your day wasn't boring hey!!! Hope tomorrow is even better!

  2. I dont know anyone anonomous!?!


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