Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You know it's almost Easter time when...

the Easter baskets come home from school!

They both did a really god job with them and I am very impressed with Jessica's bunny.

Allison came to visit today with 5 kids and it was wonderful to have them here. Thanks as always Allison.
Megan had Guides tonight, Dave picked her up so I could cook tea and then we 3 ate when they got home. The other 3 were in bed by the time I got back from dropping her off and home via the supermarket to get Easter Bunnies supplys!

Student Free Day for Megan and Jessica tomorrow means our Easter break has started YAY. Looking forward to having them home again :)
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  1. Love the bunny basket...very cute.

  2. Grandma7:23 AM

    Enjoy your Easter break. The girls did a very good job on the Easter baskets.

  3. JULIE LOVE9:11 AM

    Hey..... just wanted to come and wish you and your lovely family a special Easter this year :0) I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you all

    The girls did a lovely job with their baskets

    Oh and I just had to say that I LOVE reading about your jiggity jig days...they always make me laugh


  4. The girls did a super job on their baskets. Don't you just LOVE seeing what the kids create and the excitement of such events as easter.

    Hope you and your family have an awesome easter break.


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