Monday, April 02, 2007

A madness filled Monday!!

From start to almost finish!!! A very busy day with grocery shopping, washing, washing and some more washing because Elizabeth's overalls decided to share their colour with some of the other clothes!!! We also had Ben come at lunchtime, Erica was working, so that added a whole lot of glee, laughter and silliness to the mix! Elizabeth just loves having Ben come over and today was probably the best they have ever played together. So much so that Elizabeth told me that Ben is her favourite toy.. I thought she might have meant boy but she said it again later and it was toy!!! She chased him around the house for a cuddle but he wasn't having any part in that THANK YOU lol

Lastnight I started a layout, which I completed today.

Tomorrow morning the school have their Easter Church Assembly so hoping that Elizabeth, Lucy and I get to stay for some of that. Still have some groceries to get, I just don't understand why the empty shelves have to happen when I go shopping, so will do that tomorrow too.

Happy Tuesdaying everyone and thanks BJ for the email and now I know who it is I can write nice things about you ;) also Mr Anon- thanks for saying hi, I LOVE YOU, but Dave I never knew you as shy :)
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  1. Hello hello love love the layout.....I think I have got a speech problem tonight ooops. Lol about E and the cuddles....poor Ben. Thanks for the call today lovely it made my day

  2. Hey 'Maine,
    Long time since we last had contact! Wondered why I wasn't getting anymore emails with photos - but BJ sent me your blog addi. (so now I have allison's too!! yah!!) I love your blog and have bookmarked it so I can visit with you often and read back through when I have time.
    Will catch up again soon.
    Love and hugs
    Barb (and Maxie, who was very impressed with your blog too!!)

  3. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Dave...dont know anyone by that name...


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