Friday, April 27, 2007


by Miriam
Its the first time I have been tagged so here goes nothing!! Thanks Miriam :)
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I was run over when I was 7 and broke my leg just above my ankle, still gives me grief decades later!!
2. I am older than my darling Dave.
3. I have worked as a radio announcer, youth worker, raspberry picker, camp counsellor and admin assistant before taking on the wonderful job of Mum to 4 :)
4. I have visited every state of Australia and every capital except Perth (one day).
5. I love coffee and when I was a radio announcer and doing the brekky shift I had 7 cups before 7 am and by the end of my shift had the shakes! Never again!! Now I am a 3 to 4 cup kinda girl!
6. I love Jack Russell Terriers, have had 2 and one day hope to have another.
7. I started scrapbooking August 2005 and love that it allows me to feel creative for the first time even though I choose art as an elective in High School!
I struggled to find 7 random things about myself. I like to think I am more 'what you see is what you get' rather than random. So here's to the 7 I need to tag and goodluck :)

Happy weekending everyone :)
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  1. jane fitchett8:48 PM

    ha- Im the same with the Perth thing!
    thanks for the tag, will do it soon

  2. funny is this...I thought I knew you like so well but I learnt something new therelol


  3. Hi Sharmaine,

    I enjoyed reading your answers. Who ran over you?! You poor thing!

    Megan xx

  4. omg, you were runover!! That's scary stuff.

  5. JULIE LOVE7:39 AM

    Hey I loved reading your answers and thanks for the tag (NOT!!!) I will get to it soon

    have a great day



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