Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today I...

did a lot of listening!!
Megan was one of the MCs at the school assembly this morning, she did a fantastic job, and Jessica introduced her class and their projects, and she did a fantastic job too. Another Proud Mum Moment to add to the collection :)
We left not long after that to go to Elizabeth's 'Sound Awareness' group session. This is the start of her speech therapy. They are being taught to listen to the sounds so that they become aware of them. So we learnt sounds like ppppp, fffff, bbb etc. So I have to make the sound and Elizabeth has to identify the sound by pointing to a picture. So for bbb its a bouncing ball, pppp its blowing out a candle... So we have homework and Elizabeth made sure we did it this afternoon!!
We were meant to go to playgroup after the ST session but I didn't like the thought of all that to and fro from school and back. So we will go to the Thurs group once speech therapy has finished.

Dave is at soccer training tonight, looking forward to him getting home.
Dad just rang from Bribie Island, so Megan and Jessica got to talk with him. They both enjoyed that but now are up and down instead of staying in bed!!
Hoping to start a layout tonight, so thats what I will be doing. What about you??!!
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  1. I got a mention!!! I got a mention!!! Man you should see the little jig Im doing right now in my chair!!!

    Love you


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