Saturday, April 28, 2007

An early post :)

Am off with Mum here tonight to see Madame Butterfly. Looking forward to it even though I a still feeling ick. Its the first time that I can remember going anywhere with just Mum and we are going to have dinner before hand so another first :)
Ok to the 'run over' story.
I was 7, we were having a teddy bears picnic at school so I had my as-big-as-me panda. I always walked to school by myself and this day there was a boy across the street, walking to school too, so I thought I would cross to show him. So long story short major road and I stepped out in front of a car, it had turned from a street just below so I hadn't seen it, I had done the right thing and looked etc, my right leg went under the wheel and I then flipped up on the the hood. I don't remember any of that but I remember after. The people coming from nowhere, them asking where I lived and I pointed, as it was right in front of our house, Dad had only just gone to bed from night shift, being carried inside and Dad coming out in his singlet. I remember him coming in the ambulance and bits from there on. Lots of Dr appointments after that :) It wasn't till a few years ago that I found out that my head had hit the hood so I think that explains my insanity's or at least I will blame that *g* So there is the story! Any more you want me to share??!!
Enjoy your day :)
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  1. Hope you had a great night. It's always special going out with out Mums hey!!!!


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