Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Finally did the grocery shopping first thing this morning, while Dave was home with the girls.
The rest of the day was full of gardening, more golf around the house, a DVD, playing outside, building cubbyhouses in the lounge room, dancing, chocolate eating and general mucking about!
Going to send Megan to school tomorrow. The rash has gone but the redness still appears when she is hot so will mention it to the Teacher and leave it at that. Still no sign of it with the rest of us, thankfully!
The rest of the week is filling up quickly. After school sport is offering karate and hockey, starting this week. Megan wants to do both so have put her name down and Jessica's for hockey. There is also a parent info meeting on Wednesday arvo which Dave is going to go to and Elizabeth starts her Speech Therapy group sessions on Thursday morning. I think there is still room to breathe in there somewhere...hopefully... better be lol
Thanks for visiting and hello to all those that visit from way across this beautiful world of ours :) I'd wave but I don't think you would see me from down here lol
Take care :)
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  1. I'm glad nobody else caught the rash :O)
    Grocery shopping - ughh I really don't like grocery shopping!

  2. Grandma7:17 AM

    Sounds like you all have a busy week, hope that it is a good one.

  3. Gee wear me out lol. You are always so busy, do you ever rest?? lol


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