Friday, April 20, 2007

Scrap, lunch and a burst eardrum...

or maybe not! Read on:
I got to scrap lastnight, photos taken of Miss Elizabeth yesterday, so I am chuffed with myself :)

Today Elizabeth, Lucy and I went and had lunch with Dave (so Grandma that's where we were when you phoned on the 'normal' phone, got your message though and will be awaiting the mailman). We had a nice time and then found a park to play in before coming home. Dave then rang at 1.45 (!!!) to say he was on the way home YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. Had a coffee with him and then he went and got Megan and Jessica from school. So the weekend has started early.

Oh the burst eardrum... while I was putting the washing on the line this morning I could hear the telly. Finished the washing and came in to find Elizabeth watching the tv with the volume at 67 (!!!!) didn't know it could go that loud and was amazed that it wasn't up to 'full' volume!! I wouldn't like to be in the room when it was! It was terribly loud and I was really surprised she even stayed in the room!!! By the way it was Lucy who turned it up, as she does, and then left the room, as she does!! Been a day like that lol
Hope you all have a happy weekend with something special thrown in :)
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  1. Hey...sitting here having a good ole giggle because i know how terrible lucy goose is at that lol.....have a fantastic weekend!!


  2. Grandma10:37 AM

    Glad you got my message and sorry my mobile was no good in the shop! Maybe Lucy would like to play the bagpipes----the noise volume would be about the same! Have a good weekend, ours has not started so well with a blown up hot water cylinder, so no hot water until Monday!


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