Sunday, May 27, 2007

Have I created monsters...

Of the scrapping variety!!??

Yesterday all 4 girls wanted to read some of my old magazines (and although it looks like I might have read some of the new For Keeps... I HAVE YET TO READ ANY, well other than Capri's article which I thought was too exciting not to read!!)

Then when Megan and Jessica had a 'scrap session' Elizabeth and Lucy wanted in on the action

So these are Megan's creations


Elizabeth's first page (She chose the papers and stuck everything down by herself)

and Lucy's (She stuck everything down by herself).
I have to say that the biggest thing I have learnt is that it is hard to scrap with 4 or even 3 of them at one go and that creativity can't be forced. There just wasn't enough of me (or helper Dave) to answer all the questions, help out and make sure everybody was busy. But it was great to see them enjoy the process and be proud of what the created.
Allison came for tea and I also created 4 layouts which I will upload tomorrow so you have time to enjoy the delights that our girls made :)
Oh and PS, today we moved everything in the lounge room around, I just had to write that somewhere to see how long it stays this way, in case we don't like it lol
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  1. Grandma8:25 AM

    Wow! I am very impressed by all the girls layouts and by yours and David's patience helping them to do them, well done to all of you.

  2. who said we were patient?


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