Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back into the school thing

We had playgroup start up again today so Term 2 is now back in full swing and only going to get busier for at least the next month or so.
Dave has a few 'day trips' for work before a night or 2 away in July. Next week is a busy one with Jessica's Heart things and a trip, for all 4 girls, to the dentist. Mum and Dad leave for NZ end of next month so its already feeling like a swamped few weeks. Spose it will soon be Christmas lol speaking of which I need to go shopping tomorrow and find something for Davie Babe's, hope I can find what I want or I will have to start thinking again, especially as I have already moved to Plan B lol
Will leave you with this quote from Megan, as we drove to school this morning in the fog
"You can't see the clouds because of the fog".

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