Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't feel like blogging...

Yes I have the Scissor Sister song in my head and Yes I am sooo unmotivated to blog.

Have been very busy, said bye to Grandma on Saturday night as we left her with Uncle Pete before driving back to stay the night in Launceston. We didn't sleep well so came home instead of meeting Grandma and Grandpa (Dave's Grandparents) for Church. We were home by 11am.

Anyway, having Dave's Mum here was great. The girls loved every minute of the time spent with Grandma and when Uncle Samuel and Louise came for tea on Friday night, well let's just say Megan was very happy to have seen all her relatives and said as much lol

Megan and Jessica went back to school today and don't seem to have missed a beat!

So will leave you with a few photos, starting with this one I took this morning of the frost, Love this photo.

Take care :)
Elizabeth with our only nephew, Jade
Megan with our Neice, Emma, who is 2 months older than Megan.
Grandma with all her Grandkids apart from baby Anika who came later.
The cake Samuel and Louise brought to celebrate Dave's birthday which is on Thursday (his 30th!!)

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1 comment:

  1. Hi hun!
    Happy birthday to Dave - 30th is a big one! That's wonderful :)
    Your layouts are GORGEOUS girl! And yay for grandmas too!
    Love and blessings,
    Lus x


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