Thursday, June 28, 2007

Due to popular demand

I am back!!! Life has just got the better of me at the moment, so when it comes to 'kids in bed time' I just want to do 'not much at all thank you!!'

Soooo much has happened and it's only been a week!! So will use some photos to get you up to date:

These lovely flowers came from Grandma, with Jelly Beans, as a Thank you from Grandma for her holiday.

These flowers Elizabeth just had to buy for Dave for his birthday. Her and Lucy couldn't decide what colour to get so they got one of each, which was good seeing as it was 4, one from each girl.

The 30 year old :)

The other birthday cake, we had a birthday tea with my Mum and Dad. Yum roast lamb as requested by the birthday boy. Elizabeth wanted to pick the cake and of course chose the pink as Daddy doesn't like pink lol
And finally Jessica all hooked up to the heart monitor. Dave came home for a while to look after Elizabeth and Lucy on Monday morning so Jessica and I could go in for her Echo and to have the monitor put on. She was sooooo good with it all. She had it taken off Tuesday and we will head on back to the GP sometime next week to find out the result of all of the tests.

Wednesday I took all 4 girls to the dentist. All good there :) Last night Megan had guides, first after the school holidays. Tuesday Megan and Jessica had after school sport. Was meant to be the start of Jazz Dance, but the person didn't show. Ummmm what else. Playgroup is back in full swing, today we had lots of play equipment out in the school hall, Elizabeth in her element lol. Dave's had a bit of travelling around for work but expecting a slower week next week before it all starts up again in vengence! He is at soccer training now and its cold and wet ICK!!

That about does it I think.... Yep no scrapping, still lacking the motivation, which is sad as I have lots of photos and thoughts, just no oomph!

Thanks for visiting :)

PS: just had to note it here, tonight is the first time that Megan has turned the light off and gone to sleep all by herself. Megan isn't a very good 'going to sleep' person. I have been waiting for her to come out and tell me she has finished reading and is ready for the light to go off. I went in and the light was off and she was fast asleep!!! I'm truly amazed but oh so glad!
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  1. Hi Sharmaine,

    Good to see you back!

    How nice is it that Megan went to sleep without any problem....that must feel good!

    It sounds as though you've had a busy week....great photos, gorgeous flowers, and what a yummy looking cake!

    Megan xx

  2. Oomphman7:44 AM

    Thank goodness your back. ithought my wife and life had just disappeared!!!

    How much oomph do you want me to give you? all those who read that as rude need to go have a good hard look at yourself!

  3. Hi Sharmaine,

    Those flowers look divine :)
    Hope your little Jessica is ok.

    Take care,

  4. Yay! you are back so now I have a reason for turning on the computer very day! Love all the photos and all the news and love all of you!!


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