Friday, August 03, 2007

Do you think I need help yet??

I mean is this too many buttons, considering these are the ones I could get my hands on easily as I have more in my scrap stuff....

Love the colour that such a little thing can provide!! I bought the big glass container yesterday and after I took this photo I started decorating it, love buttons!

Speaking of little things... I scrapped this layout of Megan last night, way too simple!

What other news...

We booked our tickets and car for a family holiday to Grandma's house. Yay, roll on September school holidays!!! We are looking forward to going, shhhh the girls don't know :)

Dave took this afternoon off and we went, with Lucy and Elizabeth, shopping to find something for me to wear to Bron and Murray's wedding in 3 weeks. Yay we found an outfit! Dusty pink and black lace like tunic dress with 3/4 pink sleeves, a pair of black pants and a cami all for... wait for it... $57!!!!!! All reduced from a total of $200+!!!!!!!! We went to a warehouse sale and yippeee! Very happy with the purchases! Roll on 25th!!!
Nothing else that I can remember so, as always, thanks for visiting :)
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  1. Love the layout but also totally love that you have so many buttons....You can never have too many hee hee

  2. No, seriously that is definitely not ENOUGH buttons. You can never have too many right!! Ever. ever.

    Do you think we should join buttons annonymous?

  3. grandma5:24 PM

    Hurry up September holidays, I am counting the days until you arrive!! So glad that you had success finding something to wear to the wedding and that it was such a good bargain. Make sure there are lots of photos taken of you!


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