Thursday, August 02, 2007


Well peoples.... what's to tell...

Busy... Check

Tired... Check

Cold... Check

but all is good :)
Ok get the yuck stuff done first before the good stuff...

Lucy has had runny poos today, dare I say poop to that??!!!

Delivered some flowers today, for Mum and Dad (who are touring NZ). Friend of theirs father died yesterday, so I got a bunch of flowers to drop off for the Mum.

Megan's Dr appointment at the hospital... went well. All the tests came back showing nothing and he is still saying that it's one of those things, which is fine by us, and not to go back unless the tummy pains get worse etc.
Last night she got enrolled at Guides. We all went to watch.

Not much else to share... Dave's at soccer training so I am hoping to scrap while I await his arrival with tea, later... lots later :(

Hope you have a wonderful Friday. And as always, thanks for visiting :)

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  1. Congratulations Miss Meggy Mouse for being officially enrolled....Love your missy moo!!
    Hope you get lots of scrapping done and hope you dont go too hungry miss sharmaine

  2. she's so pretty!

    hope all will go well and can't wait to see your scrap work! :)

    take care :)


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