Sunday, August 05, 2007

A few layouts and not much else...

Yep, scrapped last night and completed 4 (!!) layouts.

This one is for a new challenge site Scrap Dragons where you had to use 3 pictures, 2 of layouts and the other of a bag, as inspiration for your layout. So I used the colour from the bag, three photos and the letters on circles from one layout and the placement of the circles from another layout.

This one is for the Aussie Dares Blog where the layout had to be about spirituality.

And these are just because :)

And that, my friends, is that :) and as always, thanks for visiting :)

I was just visiting some blogs when OH MY LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

Yep Elizabeth had listed me as one of her 5 Rockin' girl Bloggers!! WOW!

Ok so to pass on the 'rock-ness' my 5 Rockin' girl bloggers are:
Allison because she introduced me to the world of blogging and that has to rock??!!
Want to know more about Rockin' Girl Bloggers, then This is where it all started!
There were others, but when I looked they had already been 'awarded' the RGB and there are others I read I just couldn't get to you all :)
So Allison, Jode, Lu, Janine and Lou, you have all been RGB'd, so add the badge, with pride, to your blog and pass on some love to 5 others :) Have fun and thanks Elizabeth for thinking of lil' ol' me :)
So now this post has taken me QUITE A WHILE so I better post before things go haywire again!!
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  1. Thanks for visiting the blog, and for the kind comments! Always appreciated :)
    Love your LOs, my fave is Looking up! SOOO neat!!!

  2. jane fitchett7:34 AM

    great LOs Sharmaine- i really like the 6 x 12 of you :)

  3. No worries Sharmaine, you rock girl!

  4. love your LOs Sharmaine! :)

    and you ARE a Rockin' Girl Blogger! :D


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