Friday, August 17, 2007

I feel like the Road Runner!!

Soooooooo super fast!!

WE ARE NOW HOOKED UP AND RUNNING, BROADBAND STYLE!!!!! And by crickeys its fast! Click, its open. Click, its deleted. Click, its there for viewing!! No longer do I have a toilet break while a page loads!! hmmm that might cause some issues!!

Ok so the kidlets are at Mum and Dad's, sad that they only just got back and they wanted to girls overnight!! but good cos Dave and I just went and had Chinese and a movie!! Love that!

So I thought I might see how super fast I can upload my layouts to share..

Here goes... counting seconds.... my goodness!! That was less than a minute to upload these 2!! It used to take well over 5 if not more to get 1!!! YAYAY
Ok so this layout, of Lucy, is for the
And this one, of me, for the

As you can see I had fun with the paints and pens!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, RAK photo will be added tomorrow when i get a little more organised, computers still being hooked up all over the place.

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  1. welcome to the other side lol......yay for broadband. Love you layouts missy!!!

  2. Don't you love broadband? It's amazing how FAST it is!!! You will love it--as I'm sure you can already tell!
    I LOVE your OLW layout! I thought Seek was such a great word. I did mine last night, just haven't beenable to upload it yet.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. You will NEVER go back broadband is the best.
    Love the purple on your OLW. super :)
    I am hoping to get mine done tonight.

  4. great layouts Sharmaine! :)


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