Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where has my Saturday gone???

Spent the morning transferring SOME of the things from my old computer to my new one. What a loooong process this is, but it is slowly getting there. Still to hook my camera printer dock up so no photos to share so will share some other bits and pieces.
After lunch Dave and I went to soccer. I watched, he played (won 4-2). Was a very cold wind blowing so I sat in the van.
Came home via Mum and Dad's, to pick up the girls. All 4 of them were half way up the drive with their bags on their backs!! They had conspired together and were walking home!! Glad we got there when we did!! They were very razzed up so it was a noisy drive home. Made homemade pizzas for tea and now they are all in bed YAY.
Ok so will share some bits and pieces now
If you haven't seen THIS yet then your missing out on something very meaningful!
And I should share THIS with you too, i'd be a fool not to. thanks Allison for the links and glad I could FINALLY watch them!
Something a little lighter... much lighter! The girls came home singing THIS *sigh* lol this is how they are... Hear something once and they will catch on and sing it forever!! Megan told me she likes the drummer!!!
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Take care and, as always, thanks for visiting :)
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