Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mr and Mrs Smith!!

Yep, Bron and Murray are now married and what a glorious day it was! The weather was PERFECT and it was a beautiful bride that married the handsome groom in a splendid ceremony and the reception that followed was fabulous!

Friday Mum came and looked after Elizabeth and Lucy while I went and had my haircut (and eyebrows waxed). She then waited till after school and took all 4 girls for the weekend.

Dave dropped me off Friday night and after a foot massage, foot spa, hand massage, finger nail painting, much laughter, frivolity and talking Bron had a shower and then called it a night. While she was in the shower we short sheeted her bed and then carefully placed some rice in the sheets. Roll on 10.30pm.. we all said goodnight. Kanina (Bron's sister) went straight to sleep, Bron was in her room and I could hear her bashing around, tiding up ready for the next day. I drifted in and out of sleep till about 11.30 when I woke to hear Bron's Mum say "let me know when you going to bed"! I thought oh no (lol) and then Bron said "Ok... why??" so of course she looked so up I got and helped clean up the rice. Then her Mum said ok let us tuck you in and thats when she found the short sheeted bed. We re-made the bed and I headed back to mine. Tossed and turned till 6.30am when everyone was up. So the day had started. It was a picture perfect day!
Photo at 6.30am of the sun rising behind the marquee.

Ok so photos.... and I will have more, hopefully, when I drop a film in to be developed tomorrow.

Bron getting ready

Dave and I (see new hairdo and my outfit)

Claire and Bron at the reception

Wish I had more but my digital camera was doing its usual trick of playing up on me!!

Part of our table was a lady and a couple with their 5 year old son who were from Japan. They were friends of Brons. They didn't speak much English but Dave spent the night entertaining the little boy, who was very tired by the end of the evening! Dave had also given them a lift back to town the night before so they had already sussed each other out. when it was time for them to go the Father came over to say goodbye and asked if we would be there the next day, Bron's parents were making the most of the marquee being up and were having a celebration today for their 40th wedding anniversary. I explained that no we wouldn't be coming as we had our 4 little girls to go and collect. So after saying good bye we thought they had left until he came wandering back in and started making something out of balloons. I said to Dave "please tell me he hasn't got 4 out..." but sure enough he went on to make 4 'yo yos' for our girls!!! How sweet!

So generous! they had given Kanina and I a fan each when we had arrived on Friday night!

Today was a very slow start! I am still feeling tired, and my voice proves it! We didn't get out of bed till almost 10. Hopped in the shower, got dressed, put the washing machine on and went out to have brunch together. We then went for a walk along the beach before collecting the girls and coming home to have Megans requested...

Burritos. She had spied them in the supermarket catalogue and asked me to get some. We had them tonight before the girls had their piece of wedding cake and after dinner mint ;)
Hope you have had a lovely weekend too!! I now have photos to scrap and can't wait (Even if it is to use some of my Love, Elsie wedding type stickers lol).

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  1. Bron Looks beautiful...can't believe she is married now...she deserves such happiness!!!!
    You look beautiful too Miss Sharmaine...and I am not commenting on Dave as he will get a big head hee hee

  2. Julie LOVE8:50 PM

    Loved reading all about the wedding Sharmaine and I LOVE the photo of you and Dave...what a cute couple indeed!!!

    Sounds like you had a great wonder you are tired


  3. grandma8:40 AM

    Thanks for sharing all about the wedding and the weekend it all sounds like it went very well and the bride looks wonderful.I love your outfit and of course you and David make a wonderful couple too!!
    11 days to go!

  4. Guess who had a good mail day today?
    ME :)
    Thanks so much for the RAK, totally love it, especially the buttons and all the other cool bits. THANKS

    And I meant to say yesterday, so love the photo your girl took, I love the ones my daughter takes too!


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