Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The busy-ness has only just begun!

Phew what a busy day and tomorrow is looking busier lol

Well, Mr Hurly did stay away and I hope he stays that away!! Don't like sick kids!

Today was full on FLAT OUT. Dropping Megan and Jessica off at school before hitting the fruit shop then groceries. ICK. Not long home before it was lunch time and then went to a friends, who had called to say she had been given an excess of bread rolls so I helped her out lol then straight from there to playgroup. When that finished we said Hi to Megan and Jessica before taking their school stuff and leaving them for after school dance. Home for a half hour, waited for Dave to get home and then back to school for Parent/Teacher. Jessica was first cab off the rank and it was nothing but glowing!! She is reading, writing... just being better than expected and doing so very, very well. Megan was next and as expected it was mostly about how Megan rushes, doesn't take care with her work and needs to be concerned with her own things not other people's business... Which is just Megan to a tee lol and has been said every year and she knows it. Apart from that Megan is doing really well, which was good to hear.

On a different note, I scrapped last night. The first layout I thought I would be clever and journal upside down, as that's the theme of the layout lol, so I have included a 2nd photo of it 'upside down' so you can see the journaling without hurting your neck lol

This second one is of Elizabeth and Lucy. Photos taken yesterday. The sun was wonderful and Lucy had gone outside without her shoes and socks on so Elizabeth thought cool and took hers off too! Reminded me of a time when I NEVER wore shoes and socks! Bare foot everywhere... nowadays I have my shoes on till the girls go to bed...

Tomorrow morning I'm off to the hospital with Megan, to see her Dr and hopefully find out the results of her poo sample. I don't think they would have found anything though. Tomorrow night Megan is being enrolled in Guides so its shaping up to be another flat out day.

So because tomorrow is going to be busy I updated The Thank You Blog. This is the layout I used for this month's challenge (which is Health).

Think that's just about it, well it has probably bored you all to tears or off to la la land lol so thanks for dropping by :)
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  1. Well I am pleased Mr Hurly has left the building LOL....I've never heard it called Mr Hurly before Sharmaine! It's horrid when the kids are sick.

    And how busy were you today?? I was exhausted just reading that paragraph!!

    GREAT layouts...last night must have been the night for scrapping, although you achieved much more than me!

    Megan xx

  2. grandma12:06 PM

    I hope that there is no more sickness in the family. Very pleased to hear how the girls are getting on a school. The bit about rushing the work for Megan sounds like her father's school reports!!!!! Hope you get on well at the hospital and guides and all the rest of the busy day.


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