Saturday, September 01, 2007

11 years

since Dave and I started going out and our very first kiss..... roll forward 11 years, we have bought our first home, have 4 kidlets, have kids at school, Dave got his Uni degree, is still studying and working and we have had many kisses since!!

Here are 3 more pages of my 'This is Me' journal.
In my honest opinion challenge
Hobbies challenge

And I finished the new challenge tonight. I used a toy car to make the journal lines, thought a car appropriate :)

The girls (sort of) tidied the sunroom but their bedrooms are now clean and I told them if they stay that way till holidays they could have $5 each to spend over the holidays, little do they know where they will have to spend it!! Only 6 sleeps left till we see Grandma.

Happy Fathers day for tomorrow and thanks for visiting :)

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  1. love the layouts espeically the one I havent seen!!!!
    As I have said have a freaky memory...can't remmeber my first kiss at all!!!

  2. Hi Sharmaine,

    Thanks for visiting my blog...who else is surfing my way? LOL. You have put a smile on my face.

    Love how you have used paint to underline your journaling.


  3. lovely layouts Sharmaine! :)

    have a fun weekend!

  4. what a cute mini! you have some amazing work posted here!

    :] Amy


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