Friday, November 09, 2007

Creatures, company, comments and a dream??!!

Will start with the creatures!! They have started to hatch!! Here is photo taken at 8.30 this morning

And this one when they had been in the water for 24 hours.

Megan has a dinosaur, Jessica a crocodile while Elizabeth and Lucy have snakes.
Today Allison came to visit with 4 of her Day care kids. Was nice to have them here and it filled our day just beautifully :) Thank you Allison :)
While Elizabeth, Lucy and I were at the fruit shop this morning, rushing around before our visitors arrived, a lady came over and said how it was lovely to see such wonderfully behaved children. It reminded her of when hers were younger. How nice!! I told her yes they were good and we were very proud of our girls ;0)
Ok and on to my dream... I don't usually dream and often forget them quickly. But this morning I had one and I woke Dave to tell him. He and I were in a taxi on the way to the airport for a trip to England!!?? Anyway we were driving along when I realised that my passport was out of date... by over 10 years lol... So I said no i can't go because they would put me in jail and that Dave would have to go by himself... which is what happened. So I woke then and woke Dave to tell him how bizarre the dream had been. I then went on to say that I didn't panic at all through the dream, I had a solution for all the problems and that now I was awake and could place logic in my head I didn't get the whole passport thing because I would need a current one for visas so how silly was the dream!! Then wondered if it was because I now have to travel on the plane to Sydney by myself, but I'm not worried about that... seeing as I have travelled around the world that way lol!! although that was a long time ago... who knows what my mind is thinking!!!!!
Ok enough of my dribble, hope your weekend goes well. We are going shopping for a pair of pants for me tomorrow, yay... NOT lol
Take care and thanks for visiting :)
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  1. That is cool- what is that? How fun!

  2. Those creatures are so cool, what are they called? I'd love to pick some up as Christmas gift for my science-loving niece and nephews :-)

  3. ooh I think I might pick some of these for my son.
    TFS ;)


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