Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guests for tea

in the form of my parents, sister and nieces. So blogging early, while I can :)
Scrapped these 2 layouts, using some of my new stash :)

This is today's photo of the 'growing pets'. Since then I have taken the eggs away and the 'pets' are now in a larger container.

For those looking for info about the eggs I did a google for 'growing pet egg' and found them here and also found some selling on ebay :) Happy hatching if you get some :)
Today we have been busy. Dave took Elizabeth and Lucy to do 'carpark' duty for the woman's conference our Church helps organise. Dave was there last night too and the girls had fun helping. I took Megan and Jessica and we went and got some photos printed and then went shopping to find me some pants. We had a look around and then they had a babychino and I a coffee while we waited for Dave to arrive and me to try some pants on and finally purchase some! We then took the girls to McDonald's for a ice cream cone each before coming home for lunch. As we sat down Mum rang and we organised them to come for tea. So after lunch we went back out again to get more food for tea and some petrol for the lawn mower, which is what Dave is doing right now.
Hope your weekend has started out a-ok :)
Take care and thanks for visiting.
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  1. wow I've never heard of these pet hatching egg thingies before - my kids would LOVE them!!
    The layouts are awesome...I love how you tell a story on your pages, so good.

  2. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Wow, I love your layouts. As for the growing eggs...umm...that's kinda freaking me out...hee-hee


  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    HEOLL mum I showed Mrs.Pankrig
    the layout the time is 15 to 9
    got to go love you

    from megan


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