Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tired old Thursday

Not sure why but I find Thursdays to be my 'I feel tired' day. Anyway kept busy so I wouldn't think about it too much ;)

This morning we had playgroup and then, because the sun was so shiny, we spent most of the afternoon outside. We even found our first almost-ripe raspberry. It has been promised to Elizabeth, if the birds don't get it before us. I reckon it will be ripe for eating in 2 days, will see if I am right :)

As promised here is Elizabeth's cow that she painted for me yesterday

And here is Lucy with her painting as she had to have a photo taken too, only fair ;)

While we were outside a lovely man called in, he'd left work early and was on his way to get his girls from school, and gave me these!

Geee I love him!!! Chocolate is a way to a girls heart but much needed ink for the camera dock... well lets just say I am soooo glad I am married to him ;)

Today I also finished off this layout, which I thought I might use for a challenge happening over at SiS-tv.

Today I also updated The Thank You Blog with a new challenge. So if you have a spare minute why not go have a look and see if it inspires you to create :)

Hope you have all had an alright type of day and don't forget that you have till tomorrow to enter for the RAK here. Thanks for visiting :)
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  1. hello gorgeous :)
    I'm tired too! lol must be the *thursday* thing!
    love the girls' paintings!!!!
    and yay for your surprises!
    love to you mate!
    lus x

  2. Hey Sharmaine,

    What a HAPPY post!

    We've got brilliant artworks, a husband who is divine beyond compare and news of the first raspberry!! I love posts like this :-)

    I hope you have a great weekend - I'm off to Sydney tomorrow so I'll talk to you when I get back!

    Megan xx


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