Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my life should have wheels

it would be a lot easier I AM SURE!!
Lots of to-ing and fro-ing today.
Took Lucy to the doctor, just to get her checked, she has had a cough and Mum thought she was a little wheeze over the weekend. Doctor said she was fine and her chest was clear, that was good to hear :)
We had playgroup this afternoon. Elizabeth painted me a cow, which I will share when we bring it home, left it to dry.
Then after school the girls had their haircut.

Megan is at Guides, Dave is about to go get her. Will cook tea while he's gone so we can eat when they get home. The other three are nice and quiet so I am hoping they are zzzzz-ing ;)

Last night I did these 2 journal pages for THIS IS ME JOURNAL

This one about something that irks you

this one about your fave candy

And then I scrapped this layout

Don't forget to enter the RAK, you have until Friday to leave a comment here and thank you to all the 'new to me' people who have commented! Been nice to 'meet' you!
Hope you day was smile filled :)

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  1. allison8:15 PM

    Love the little girly photos...thanks. She cut heaps of E's hair..eeccckkkk...I am sure it feels much better though!!! Love the layouts too...didn't realize you like chomps...I love them too!!!! except I don't like to share.

  2. I love Waiting to Fly Sharmaine - fantastic layout.

    And don't the girls all look so beautiful with their new haircuts! They are such sweet little cherubs.

    Hoping you're having a good week!
    Megan xx


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