Monday, January 28, 2008


Grrr and plops!!! So tonight I get on to my trusty computer to find I have a virus.... Trying to fix that now! Is one that creates pop ups or some such! More grr and plops!!!
Mum and Dad came for tea, Elizabeth went home with them till Wednesday.
Spent the day around home doing little while Dave did some odd jobs, thanks Dave :)
Hope your day was grand... just wanted to use the word :)
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  1. Thanks a lot, my boyfriend is ok today, he already left to go to work, now it seems I'm obviously getting a cold, too annoying!!
    I loooove your last pages, they're all so neat and coloured!
    I totally understand your feelings with a pic to fix, it often happens over here too.
    Have a nice time, kisses!

  2. "grand"...what a fab word!!!
    sorry to hear about the virus!!
    hope you get it sorted!

  3. sad but true7:44 AM

    This grand ol dave of yours,
    he likes ten thousand things,
    but when it comes up to the crunch
    none compare to you!

  4. arghh!!! understand how you feel when our World now simply involves Computers!!! *wink*

    hope it'll get fixed soon!

  5. Oh no- I hope you are getting rid of the virus!!!!Have a good day!!!


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