Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jamie Oliver Part 2!

A while ago Dave and I watched one of Jamie Oliver's shows. On it he made a 'sausage ring', well while I was away last night Dave cooked this for the girls

You take a string of sausages, untwist and squeeze into one big sausage then curl, cover it with whatever yummy things you have, Dave used plum sauce, chicken salt and garlic (that's all I can remember), then you bake. The girls loved it!

He also made apricot pie :0)

So before I went scrapping at Allison's I made a new page for my Art journal

yes it is different to my other pages, but that's how my journal is... its about thoughts I have had. So this page was mostly about the story I posted here. Is about what baggage we leave behind as we journey through life. That I will rise above it all, that I won't be held down by the things that taint my day. Its about lots of other smaller things that made me feel I just had to put it on paper.

Also yesterday my computer monitor decided it didn't want to work :( Lights were on but no one was home!! So now I am using Dave's and he is considering nicking Jessica's for a while. Is different having a different monitor! Especially looking at my layouts, the colour on here is different!! Oh well, will see if I gets me a new monitor now :)

Ok so on to my scrappy day (thanks again Allison!).

I created 3 pages

and then did my This is me journal page, challenge was where does most of your money go/what do you spend your money on.

Then I made a start on altering this broken book

into this

Is for my sister, with photos of her 2 little girls inside. Still to add something to the inside pages.

Jessica is back home, we went to Mum and Dad's for lunch after Church. Glad everyone is home again :) Dave has the day off tomorrow Yay :)

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  1. Sharmaine, you are so talented! I love everyone of your pages.. and that book! Wow. Love it. ;) Maybe you will get a new monitor.. that would be nice :)

  2. Wow - you were super duper busy!!!! Love jamie Oliver - the sausage looks yummie (of course for a German- LOL). Love those projects and layouts. Your art journal is amazing!

  3. OMG! A meatausarus festival for sure!!! Did y'all eat the whole thing? But yummy! Apricot pie. Seems to me like Dave's a keeper! What a sweetie to cook dinner so you could go play.

    Thanks for the explanation on the "Tainted" piece. I get it now. I love your work, but I especially love process, so its cool to know where things come from.

    Anyway, off to the gym! TTYL!!!

    - Linda

  4. Anonymous4:04 AM

    Sharmaine- I'm so impressed with your scrapping skills mama...Bravo. Thanks for sharing the 'about me' site. Maybe that's what i need to find my mojo.

    Great job and thanks for sharing

  5. Not sure about the sausage ring, but the pie looks awesome.

    I already left praise for your mini book at SIS, but I will say it again: AWESOME.

    Love the layouts--the painting on the webcamming layout is great!!! Makes me wanna play!

  6. Jamie Oliver will be so proud!!! how lucky that Dave can cook :)

    love your pages as Always Sharmaine :)


  7. Oh...that mini book is awesome and so smart!!

    mmm that pie looks delish! I have such a sweet tooth, I thought the sausage was a giant cinnamon roll hehhehe.


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